We are a group of Telecom industry experts specializing in the contact center industry for the past 20 years. We operate inbound and outbound solutions numbering 1000s of CPS and have the best platform solutions for SMS, VOICE, CPaaS and top bang! for the buck carrier/telco interconnects.




At DNL-SWITCH Solutions we operate an efficient, skilled, multi lingual, People-as-a-Service (PaaS) contact center and cater to SMB's customer contact campaigns on demand. We can scale from 100-1000 agents as and when the campaign requires. Being in this business for 20 years we provide our expertise in platforms, customizations and telecom solutions to our new clients. Enough about us, lets talk about you! 




- BPO people as a service (PaaS) for any customer focus campaigns in English and Spanish

- CPaaS, WebRTC platform advice and training

- Wholesale SMS, 2 way SMS interconnects

- Wholesale voice to any International destination

- Free help and advice anytime! 




Our solutions are ideal for businesses that require large scale on demand customer contact solutions. Typical applications would be: Election poll surveys, Customer sat surveys, Collection calling, Lead Generation, SMS marketing to compliant opt-in client list, SMS promotions, inbound tech support, inbound up sell, outbound up sell.


"Hi DNL Solutions Team, 3 months since contacting you and taking your recommendations for a CPaaS with a  BYOC model and moving from large tier software and telecom vendors, we have cut our operating costs by 75%!! A big thank you and we will be recommending your services to all who need help to figure things out in the new WebRTC world!" - Gordon